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Independent Irrigation Consultants

Our Services

AMA offer a specialist range of services tailored specifically for the design of irrigation systems for golf, sports turf and landscapes.

A typical scenario after the initial enquiry would involve;

  • Evaluation of the Site and/or current Irrigation System
  • Pre-Design Consultation
  • Design
  • Contract Stage Monitoring
  • Future Audit of the Irrigation System
  • Education & Training – refer to separate section

Evaluation of the Site or Irrigation System;

For many clients this is the beginning and will involve a detailed appraisal of the site and existing irrigation infrastructure during which we will ask numerous questions to ensure, as far as is reasonably possible, we have all the information we need.  The areas covered may include water sources and storage, pumping system, pipe work, control system, valves and sprinklers for all areas requiring or receiving irrigation.  The appraisal will include the preparation of the report covering all areas with recommendations on the way forward and outline budgets.

The evaluation of the site or irrigation system will often be followed by a pre-design consultation, design and contract stage monitoring.

Pre-Design Consultation;

Following on from the site or irrigation system evaluation it is necessary to discuss in detail with the client the specific requirements of each individual project to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the following factors;

  • Client’s precise requirements and objectives
  • Client’s maintenance regimes
  • Water sourcing, storage and availability
  • Power sourcing and availability
  • Precise areas to be irrigated including their size and shape and availability of accurate plans
  • The topography and ground conditions of the site
  • The regional climatic conditions and prevailing weather conditions
  • Water conservation and environmental impacts

This will form the design brief from which the irrigation design is produced.


Once the design brief has been agreed AMA will produce an accurate and site specific irrigation design which will ensure the efficient use of water.  The outline design including sprinkler and pipe work layout will be discussed thoroughly with the client prior to the preparation of the detailed design, specification and scaled plans.  At this stage an accurate budget can be presented to the client.  The design of the irrigation system should reflect the client’s design brief and it is important this stage is undertaken thoroughly and diligently as an irrigation system is the most expensive item of maintenance equipment on any golf course or sports facility.

Should the client wish to implement the design AMA will produce tender and contract documentation to ensure like for like competitive and comparable tenders are submitted by specialist contractors.  Once the tenders are returned AMA can also appraise these to ensure they reflect the design and specification.

Contract Stage Monitoring;

The installation of an irrigation system is as important as the correct design to ensure the client receives full value for money spent.  Depending upon the desires of the client, AMA can offer interim site inspection / monitoring of the installation.  This may also include positioning of sprinklers in accordance with the design, contract administration, thorough testing and commissioning following installation and the preparation of the as laid irrigation plan.

Future Audit of the Irrigation System;

As with any single item of maintenance equipment an irrigation system will require updating and modernising as time progresses.  AMA are proud to have maintained a long standing relationship with many of our clients and we continue to provide ongoing advice to them as and when required.  We have undertaken detailed audits for our clients to ensure their irrigation system will continue to provide them with effective and efficient watering into the future and this is a service we offer to all.

Further details are available upon request by contacting AMA.

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